Apr 5, 2018

[Learning.English] The Simpsons TV-to-comic S05E08 frgmnt "The full stench of death" [v5]

TV to comic - 1 page gift

A gift per class, a trick learned from Tomi's phonoaudiologist.

The Simpsons TV show S05E08 fragment: "The full stench of death" [ Sizzling ] -Dad, don't take this wrong but your expression doesn't fill me with confidence. -The full stench of death is upon us! [ Sniffing ] [ Sniffing ] Mmmh! Hamburger. [ Sniffs ] -Hey, wait! I smell hamburgers too. [ Sniffing ] [ Agree ] -According to this map... ...there's a Krusty Burger on an off-shore oil rig. "--BURGER --N MAP" "HEY KIDS. FILL IN ALL FIFTY STATES." -If it weren't for this blasted fog, we'd be saved. -Never mind the fog! [ Sniffing ] [ Sniffing ]    That way! 

Places outside the house - orientation, traveling.