Apr 5, 2018

[Learning.English] The Simpsons TV-to-comic S05E06 frgmnt "Dispatch, this is Chief Wiggum" [v3]

TV to comic - 1 page gift
A gift per class, a trick learned from Tomi's phonoaudiologist.

Places outside the house - orientation, location, traveling, driving.

The Simpsons TV show S05E06 fragment: "Dispatch, this is Chief Wiggum". -Dispatch, this is Chief  Wiggum back in pursuit of the rebelling women. -[Man on radio] All right. Your current location? -Oh. Uh. I´m in a--   I´m on a road.    Looks to be... asphalt.   Uhm, awh...  Trees, shrubs.       I'm directly under         the       Earth's       sun...         now.