Dec 3, 2013

Disney's World of English - Basic ABCs

From this beautiful (and colored) book, Disney's World of English, Basic ABC's, I extracted some pages and made them into coloring pages, arranged in 2 stories.

I also retyped the text in capital letters because the girl that is learning has a difficult time with lower case letters.

What is in the basket? Now here.

Mickey the Magician. pdf file, 17 pages

Here is the cover of the original and beautiful book:

Disney's Mickey the Magician coloring pages (páginas para colorear)

Del libro Disney's World of English - Basic ABCs book 1 que tiene un montón de imágenes de las que se pueden hacer páginas para colorear. Les quité el color y luego las vectoricé. Se pueden combinar para crear conversaciones con ellas. Aquí escenas de Mickey el mago.

These are from the book Disney's World of English - Basic ABCs book 1, a really beautiful (and colored) book. It has a lot of drawings, I took off the colors and vectorized them so they look like coloring pages, you can make your own conversations with them, they are really fun.
Here scenes from Mickey the Magician story. BTW I love the way Disney's graphic artists put a personality in every character. You can almost feel like they were real people.

"No hay nada dentro del sombrero del mago". Sombrero mágico, truco del sombrero, top hat-trick, magic trick. The magic hat is empty.
"Nothing in the hat". A real mother. An empty magic hat.
"Nothing in the hat". What a surprise, I thought I did know everything about reality. An empty magic hat.
"Nothing in the hat". Why are they just asking me this, is this part of the show? An empty magic hat.
Mickey el mago, sombrero mágico en la mesa. Varita mágica. Guantes de mago. Saluda a la audiencia.

nice bow, Mickey the Magician. An empty magic hat.

Señalar. Audiencia. 

Mickey waves his magic wand. 

Theater seats. Audience watching, is Daisy about to clap? Mirando el show, la audiencia, sentada en las butacas. Daisy está a punto de aplaudir.

Clap, Clapping. Aplaudiendo.

Clap, clapping. Theater seats, audience. Aplausos, aplaudiendo. Audiencia en butacas.

This is the cover of the book: