Sep 3, 2017

[Learning.English] Letras de canciones en inglés con pictos

There will be errors, probably. I put this here as an example of what can be made.
(Habrá errores, probablemente. Lo dejo como ejemplo de lo que se puede hacer)

The theme of the month was: the places of the house.
(La consigna del mes era: los lugares de la casa)

Suzanne Vega's Luka.
Luka - lyrics.
A building. Appartment, firtst and second floor, stairs. Upstais, downstairs.

Don't worry, be happy. 
Don't worry, be happy. Lyrics.
A place with a bed. A place where to sleep.
I saw her standing there
I saw her standing there - lyrics.
Dancefloor. I crossed that room. She was standing there.
Walking on Sunshine
Walking on Sunshine - lyrics
You knock on my door. Mailbox. To come around.