Apr 26, 2018

[Learning.English] Alicia Keys Fallin' - drawings and explanations [v2]

Lyrics with drawings and explanations

Alicia Keys

I keep on falling             in and out               of love              with you.        |  (1)
Sometimes I love you.                        Sometimes you make me blue.
Sometimes I feel good.                       At times I feel used.
Loving you, darling,                           makes me so confused.
I never loved someone                       the way that I             love you.        |  (2)
Oh, oh, oh I've                     never felt this way.
How could you give me so much pleasure,           and cause me so much pain.
Just when I think                       I've taken more than would a fool,
I start falling                  back in love with you.
(1)   (2)
Oh, baby.
I, I, I, I'm falling.                       I, I, I, I'm falling.
(1)   (2)
(1)   (2)
(1)   (2)